Through Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts my family has really gotten into camping this past year. We love being outside without all of the distractions of electronic devices and to-do lists that always seem to take precedence when we’re at home. We’re also aspiring survivalists and are always looking into how to do things in a more primitive way without all of the “right” equipment. Camping fulfills all of those criteria, and it’s just plain fun.

 One of the minor obstacles I’ve run into while planning a camping trip is coming up with a paleo and kid-friendly menu that can be prepared over a campfire, camp stove or charcoal. The last camping trip we went on with some other Girl Scout families really allowed me to hone the Paleo camping menu with the help of some other gluten-free parents. I believe the menu we settled on is a very do-able, kid-friendly, allergy friendly Paleo menu that we’ll probably use again when the need arises.

 We arrived at the campsite on Friday evening and stayed through Sunday mid morning. So, we needed 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 evening snack (for Friday night campfire). This is what we ate on our trip.


Friday evening

Banana Boats – Banana filled with dairy free chocolate chips, wrapped in foil and warmed in the coals of the campfire




Omelets in a bag – Fill zip lock bag with eggs, veggies, meats, cheese, then seal and drop into boiling water to cook. When egg pulls away from bag – about 10 minutes- it’s cooked.

Sausage cooked over a camp stove

Fruit salad

Coffee cake cooked in the Dutch oven with charcoal briquettes



Make your own sandwich or salad - variety of meat, cheese, veggies with paleo bread or lettuce wraps

Left over fruit salad



Sausage or hot dogs cooked on sticks over the fire – wrapped in romaine leaves instead of a bun

Trout caught that day – wrapped in foil with some salt, pepper and olive oil then cooked in the coals

Sweet Potatoes – wrapped in foil and cooked in coals – served with cinnamon

Pumpkin Cupcakes and chocolate chip cupcakes cooked in box ovens




Applesauce Almond Pancakes cooked over a camp stove

sausage cooked over camp stove

left over fruit salad


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