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Remember this sort of lesson in our college ecology classes:

Hold that thought. Enter other contaminants that are often called pharmaceuticals.

A recent lawsuit filing has me chewing on this lesson and organic foods, i.e. poultry, and how imperative it is to use it instead of conventional. A group of Arkansas farmers are suing some large chicken producing companies and a large pharma company over the chicken litter that they have provided. These farmers have been getting high arsenic numbers in the rice they produce and they are convinced that it’s due to medications that the chickens are taking that is passing through to the litter that they then place on their rice crops.

From the article in Arkansas Business:

The suit says that chicken litter, which contains chicken waste, is used by rice farmers as fertilizer. This litter winds up contaminating the soil and, ultimately, the rice crop, according to the suit.
The poultry growers “knew that excessive arsenic in chicken litter used as fertilizer on many rice farms in Arkansas would contaminate the entire U.S. rice crop and infiltrate the general U.S. rice supply, and that public news about such arsenic contamination would result in devastating financial losses to U.S. and Arkansas rice producers …,” the suit says.

Remember the study out of Stanford recently claiming that veggies grown organically are no better for you than the conventional ones. Once again, this reminds me of how they were missing the boat. What concerns me is what organics do NOT have. I’ll have my veggies and meats and poultry without a side of weird science, thank you.

If you missed the Stanford study and it’s fall out. Here are some interesting thoughts on it:
Huffington Post sounds off.
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And of course, Mark Sisson has something to say regarding this.

Wishing I had space for chickens like Angie has!

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