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My gang is NOT paleo, but they bear with me. They are “health concious”, really. They want to eat food that is better for them. That’s why they put up with my Science Food times. Last time, it was these lovely doughnuts.

I used the recipe on Healthful Pursuit for Caramel Apple Doughnuts and then sprinkled the other’s with a bit of powdered sugar, instead of her delectably rich looking icing. Mine was drizzled with Chocolate Covered Katie‘s Hot Chocolate Butter. IF you haven’t tried this hot chocolate butter, give it a go, it’s such a treat. Makes for a killer dip for bananas or apples. Plus, it’s chock full of coco oil which is SOOOOO good for us! I actually use this as “medicine” for the gang when they are under the weather. Coconut oil is supposed to be a great support to healing, and who doesn’t want to EAT chocolate sauce, really??

I can’t wait to try others. Hubby said, “Honestly, these taste a lot like those muffins you make with coco flour. Not that it’s a bad thing. Plus, it’s great that the kids eat such a healthy breakfast while thinking it’s more junky.” No kidding, Cavekid #2 thought it was SUCH A TREAT. Even graced the lunchbox with a doughnut!

Donut Pan: Mine is like this one

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