Ok, this is a crack-up phrase in our house. If ANYONE says “how ’bout” and pauses for one millisecond, we all yell CUPCAKES. It’s all because of this little darling who was featured on Toby Turner’s Cute Win Fail. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

Anyway, we made cupcakes this weekend. Just had to post a review of Elana’s Vanilla Cupcakes which were SO VERY YUMMY. They were very vanilla-ey with that nice hint of the coconut flour that you make them with. Nice cupcakes.

AND, we topped them with Chocolate Covered Katie’s “Hot Chocolate Butter“, which is amazing stuff for three ingredients. I’ve got to say, I think that stuff could be a stand in for my regular chocolate habit. It’s so smooth and creamy. Again, a lovely coconut flavor is imparted, but it’s not overwhelming. The bittersweet cocoa powder flavor wins out. It’s really a nice treat. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had a cupcake!

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