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Angie’s coconut pancakes were on the menu last night. I made them just like she wrote, to the T. Superb recipe. As they were coming off the griddle (cast iron… doubles as club), as usual I ate the first two, THEN… I realized “These are fabulous crepes!!” SO, instead of just pancakes and bacon, my gang got banana crepes with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup. This was SUCH a lovely meal and my half-time paleo family went crazy over it. “Mom, please can we have this every day this week?” Or “Steph, these are awesome. Can I have seconds?”

How to: Follow Angie’s recipe and then
Take each pancake and roll up sliced bananas in it. Top with maple syrup.
OR top with Chocolate Covered Katie’s homemade Cacao Bliss. (That girl is a genius, I tell ya.)

Cavekid #1 led the family in mixing in the bacon. She went so far as to open up the crepe and proceed to wrap her bacon INTO the banana crepe (her’s was chocolate sauce laden, so she’s very haute as far as food fads go). Serious MMMMs and Wows followed. Isn’t food fun?

Nice job, Angie and thank you BANANAS. I don’t usually eat bananas, honestly. It’s not that I think them unhealthy, it’s just that I really am not crazy about them. The texture is somewhere between slug trail and runny nose for me. BUT, I really did enjoy these and I think you could do a lot with fruit crepe ideas here. I look forward to fresh berry season and putting that with Angie’s coconut creme idea.

I’m going on to savory crepes later this week. Will keep you posted!

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